Residence Advisor

Having a problem with somebody on floor, are lost on campus, or just want to talk privately? If you can't go to anyone else then you'll go to our RA!


Jake Hicks

Jake's involvement at RIT includes work with the RIT Leadership Institute and Community Service Center, Civil Community Project, Recover Rochester, Academic Support Center, and planning and facilitation of the Sexual Literacy Forum and Grey Matter discussion group. He is also a tutor training assistant, a Lead Peer Advisor for the YearOne program, has sat on the Panel for Student Life for the Board of Trustees, and has presented the project he is managing, at the International Symposium on Sustainable Urban Development with Malmö University. Jake transferred to RIT in June of 2012, after acquiring his Associate’s Degree from SUNY Jefferson. He also spent time off working and building bamboo bikes after a year at California College of the Arts. Having befriended people of varied nationalities, and desiring ever more of the unique experiences and lifestyles, Jake is a terrific fit for Ihouse.