Traditional I-House Events

Grand Dinner

Once a semester the house hosts a grand dinner that is cooked by the floor members and atracts many alumni and associates.

Floor night

The house decides on an event that they want to do together. Past events included: Laser tags, Boys/Girls nights out, going to the swimming pool, ...

Niagara Falls Trip

The entire floors makes a trip to Niagara falls.

Darien lake

The floor goes to Darien Lake theme park.

Ski trip

If there is snow the floor goes to ski to a nearby ski areal (if you don't know how to ski or snowboard experienced members will teach you).


Event hosted by the Global Union, which is an umbrella organization for all cultural clubs on campus, where I-House traditionally performs. Check some of our previous performances:

International House 2011 from RIT Global Union on Vimeo.

International House Unification 2010 from RIT Global Union on Vimeo.