What is International House?

International House is a community comprised of people from many backgrounds. Not only do we come from different cultures, we also have students in a wide variety of majors. If you live here, you make connections not only all over campus, but all around the world. One way we celebrate our diverse cultures is through food. We are the only Special Interest House (SIH) to have a fully equipped kitchen. It isn't uncommon to see our members hanging out in the kitchen playing pool and cooking food. Additionally, we host a fantastic floor dinner where the members share their cultural dishes in a semi-formal setting. The floor dinner is not our only event. We frequent the Rochester area, seeking thrills at Darien Lakes amusement park, picking apples, engaging in friendly competition at laser tag, skiing and more. We are always doing something so check us out.


On-Floor Members

On-Floor members are members who live on our floor and are a part of International House. On-Floor members have access to all of International House's facilities and also have first priority to any events. On-floor members also have the rights to make requests for events or equipment.

Off-Floor Members

Off-Floor members are members who do not live on our floor but are also interested in being a part of International House. Off-Floor members have access to International House facilities except for the kitchen. Off-Floor members also have the right to participate in any of the events.


International House's Alumni are people who used to be a part of International House either as On-Floor members or Off-Floor members. We have tons of alumni all around the world with a lot of different experiences.

  • International House Kitchen

    International House has a fully equipped kitchen that members of our floor can use at any time. There is also a lounge space next to the kitchen which has a ping-pong table, pool table and a home theatre system for whenever you need to relax. It is located at the basement of Colby C.

  • International House Lounge

    International House has a lounge space that is dedicated for study space on our floor. There are tables set up, with couches and chairs. We also have a TV in the lounge for you to use when you are on a break from studying.

You love learning new cultures?then International House is the place to be

  • Apple Picking

    International House goes apple picking at Whittier Fruit Farm and we collect A LOT of apples. At the end of the day, we return to campus and make a ton of delicious apple pie.

    Darien Lake

    International House goes to Darien Lake amusement park to have fun, enjoy ourselves and create memories.


    Unification is an event hosted by Global Union. International House participates in it with a great performance to show our way of celebrating our different cultures.

  • Culture Nights

    Culture nights give a chance for members to show off their cultures and what they care about to the other members with food, presentations, movies and more.

    Floor Dinner

    Floor Dinners are International House's semesterly event where International House celebrates culture through food. The floor dinner could either be held on-campus, with the members cooking the meal for the dinner, or off-campus at a nice restaurant.

    End of the year BBQ

    The end of the year BBQ is an event where International House celebrate the end of a wonderful year and have the members bond one last time before facing final exams and the holidays or graduation.

The team that leads International House

  • Team Member

    Acting President

    Shehan Jayasekera

    I am 5th year Mechanical Engineering student. This is my 4th year in I-House. I like cats, dogs, and Anime. Humans are occasionally acceptable too. Jk, I hate you all!

    Team Member


    Kevin Xiong

    Hey, I'm a 3rd year Media Arts and Technology student from Minnesota and it feels odd to drive a mile and not see a dozen lakes.

  • Team Member


    Evan White

    Team Member

    Public Relation

    Jeff Lee

    Hello my name is Jeff Lee and I am a third year Media Arts and Technology student. I hail from NYC and I'm apparently 30 years old. Don't be a stranger now.

    Team Member


    Ethelia Lung

    'ello! I'm a 2nd year New Media Design student, and an international student from Hong Kong. When the weather's nice I like to chase sunsets. When it's not you'll find me on my computer in my hermit hole.

  • Team Member

    Floor Architect

    Sean O'Dea

    Team Member


    Jason Carr

    Hi, I'm a second-ish year Computer Science major from Pennsylvania. I'm a complete language geek and I also love doing weird math stuff

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