Juggle-In 2008 schedule


Details subject to change. For more information, or to help out, contact Jeff Peden
Please Note: Unicycles may not be ridden in Clark Gym.

Map of Gym Floor

Friday, April 18, 2008
6:00pm Open juggling
8:00pm Wrist traps with clubs Laura Ernst
8:30pm Handstand endurance competition
9:00pm Open stage! Bring your act and show your stuff! Acts should be appropriate for ALL audiences. Host: Joe Showers
10:00pm Combat
Saturday, April 19, 2008
  Open juggling 10am through 5pm Juggling equipment vendors • Used prop table • Raffle tickets • Show tickets • T-shirts Footbag demonstrations and competitions 10am through 2:30pm (footbag corner)
Paul Agostinelli and the Rochester Footbag Assoc.
10:00am FREE Family Variety Show (1829 room) Host: Ted Baumhauer
10:30am Teaching beginners to juggle Tony Gonzales
11:00am Beginners' learn to juggle workshop (by entrance) Dave Weiner & RJC
  Ball spinning Rhys Thomas
11:30am Shuffles Greg Phillips
12:00pm Club passing (beginning to intermediate) Strong Jugglers
12:30pm Passing patterns (Clark gym) Strong Jugglers
  Contact juggling Meghan Pike
1:00pm Diabolo tricks Tim Ellis & Mike Willet
1:30pm Devilstick & flower stick Jim Neff & Jon Hart
2:00pm Poi swinging - beginning and beyond Rafi Pryntz-Nadworny
2:30pm Boxes  
  Footbag finals (games area)
3:00pm Big toss-up followed by:
  • 5 ball endurance
  • 5 club endurance
  • Quarter juggling
  • 3 ball blind juggling
  • 3 ball Simon Says
  • Best trick (12 and under) and
  • Best trick overall.
Afterward: Raffle winners announced
5:00pm Gym closed – go eat dinner!
6:50pm Doors open for The Show (Ingle Auditorium).
Tickets available at information table.
$10 in advance, $12 at the door.
$8 for RIT staff and students, and seniors.
$5 for children 10 and under accompanied by an adult.
9:30pm Open juggling
11:00pm Gym closed
Sunday, April 20, 2008
10:00am Open juggling (Clark aux gym, behind main gym)
10:30am Tennis ball and can Rhys Thomas
11:00am Passing technique Warren Hammond
11:30am Mills mess variations Greg Phillips
12:00pm Juggling to music Michael Karas
1:00pm How to make an amazing juggling video Laura Ernst
1:30pm 6 club passing (interactive – intermediate level and up) Tony Gonzalez
3:00pm The end of the juggle-in. Thanks for coming!