Juggle-In 2008 show


The 31th RIT Spring Juggle-In    
Public Show - Sat April 19, 2008
Ingle Auditorium

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Erik Åberg
Rhys Thomas

Erik Åberg from Stockholm, Sweden

All the way from Sweden!

Erik Åberg is a juggler from Sweden. His main focus is on research for new techniques of throwing and manipulating objects. He has been invited to conventions in France, Greece, Japan, America, Israel and Finland. In contemporary circus he´s been cooperating with the companies Circo Aereo, Idiot Savant, Croissant Bleu and Cirkus Cirkor. Eriks specialities are rolling and placing techniques with balls on the head and box manipulation.

We are thrilled to have him appear for the first time at RIT!


Erik Aberg


Rhys Thomas from Portland, Oregon
20 years ago today, Rhys Thomas began performing comedy juggling for a living. He's still alive! Literally by dogsled, cruiseship, jet plane and solar auto Rhys has delivered his "JuggleMania" shows to theatres and festivals on three continents. Accomplishments include (but are not limited to) Artist in Residence at the Smithsonian Institution, Best American Act at the Street Performer Worldcup in Shizuoka Japan, International Jugglers Assn. and European Jugglers Assn. command performances, and did I mention 20 years of making a living juggling?



Including Acts by our Special Guest Artists



Jen Slaw from Philadelphia, PA
Jennifer Slaw


Jérémie Arsenault from Quebec city, Quebec - Canada
Juggling since he was 15 years old and currently in his final year at the acclaimed École de Cirque de Québec , Jérémie Arsenault will present a high flying combination of Diabolos and Acrobatics that will take your breath away.
Jeremie Arsenault


Jade Dussault from Quebec City,Quebec - Canada
Jade Dussault

Also from the École de Cirque de Québec

An acrobat, juggler, and circus enthusiast Jade has been involved in performance since she was 9 years old.

how would you describve her act with Hoops?

Verbs lots of Verbs..

>> Spinning with Passion
>> everything whirls
>>striking presicion
>>Elegant flexibility


Jorden Moir

from: Hamilton, Ontario- Canada

Jorden Moir

a 20 yr old footbagger/juggler from Hamilton, Ontario, Jorden has been Footbagging for 7 years. He has also been juggling (mostly balls) and performing for 6 years.

He is currently ranked 2nd in the WORLD!

Meghan Claire Pike from Edinburgh, Scotland - U.K.

Meghan is a well known face around the Scottish and UK juggling scene and her fluid contact staff routines are always well received by jugglers and the public alike. From fast spins to graceful body rolls there's a bit of something for everyone. It is rare to see this uncommon skill executed quite so artistically.

-- Azrelle (Scottish Juggling Convention Organiser)


Meghan Claire Pike

see Meghan in action! --->

Do to Fire safety restrictions at RIT, Meghan will NOT be doing Fire in the show. She will however be demonstrating contact staff at a level that has never ever been seen in the United States before.


Joe Showers & Laura Ernst
from: somewhere in the U.S.....

It's a Mystery!

Joe and Laura, known to be crazy, good jugglers are so crazy good, that THEY don't even know what's about to happen!  All they know is ideas (and balls) have been flying around for a while and it's time to hit the stage.  Just wait and see what they have to reveal to you, as well as themselves!


Joe Showers and Laura Ernst


$10 in advance (Friday and Saturday at the Festival) and $12 at the door.
$8 for RIT staff and students, and seniors
$5 for children 10 and under accompanied by an adult


 Ingle Auditorium is located in the student union on the Campus of RIT. It is only minutes walking distance from Clark Gym which is the center of the juggling activities for the day.