2010 Raffle information


Why a Raffle?

This raffle is one of the main means of financing the Juggle-In.
When you buy a raffle ticket you are supporting a tradition of:
FREE entrance to the gym,
    FREE attendance at workshops, and
         FREE entrance and participation in the games.


Anyone may donate juggling related art, memorabilia, props or other items of value.
*The RIT Juggling club reserves the right to refuse items deemed inappropriate for the event

We need more things to give away at the Juggle-In! Contact Jeff if you would like to donate items for the raffle, or send them direct to...

RIT – Juggling club
Campus Center - #1610
127 Lomb Memorial Dr.
Rochester, NY 14523

Here's what we have so far:

Dube - juggling clubs


Higgins Brothers - rings, diabolos, spinning plates


Neon Husky - glow clubs


Gballz - 2 sets of 3 Elite Series 2.5@115g
3 white
3 white with red ends.


Unicycle.com - gift certificate


Flying Clipper


IJA - 2 DVDs, 2 T-shirts, Issue of Juggle Magazine


The WJF - Etudes for Juggling DVD



Barnes and Noble at RIT - $20 gift card



Cynthia Flanagan, The Bag Lady

One drawstring bag with RIT logo, and one set of ragbags


Official Rules and Restrictions

- Anyone may enter the raffle
- Raffle tickets will be stored in the official RIT raffle box and drawn from the box randomly by a volunteer picked by the raffle leader
-  Since each person is "buying" a chance to win and the more tickets you buy the better your chances of  winning any person will be allowed to win more than one time in the raffle
-  All raffle items must be accepted at the time of the raffle with a matching ticket.
        (You may have a friend hold your tickets and accept for you, as long as a ticket is present.) 
- Raffle items will not be shipped, delivered or held for someone not in attendance at the drawing.
- Any items not claimed at the time of the drawing will have a new ticket drawn until a claim is made.