The Big Open


 The Big Open is the open mic style, opening night public show which is free and open to the public. It will be filled with awesome acts from all over. It's the kickoff event for three days of juggling, footbagging, unicycling, manipulation and mayhem at the RIT Spring Juggle-In.

If would like to register to be in the show early, please send us an email at along with any music you would like to use!

Date: Friday, April 12, 2013
Time: 9:00 pm
Location: Clark Gym, RIT

This years Host of the Big Open: Matt Kiel

photo of Matt Kiel, host of the RIT Spring Juggle In 2013

Matt Kiel is a juggler, illustrator and comic.

He contributed the graphic design for this years logo ..our "club sandwhich" and made last years logo as well. Although this is first time hosting our "Big Open" he's already been performing stand-up routines around RIT for some time. 



Acts already signed up include:

Joe Showers

A long time participant at the Juggle In, Joe volunteered to show off his skills for us once again this year.

Of course its dificult to keep Joe from showing-off, but that's ok with us, because he always puts on a great act.

Check out his fanpage at

Make sure you check out his Kendama break-out session on Saturday as well.

Robin Hu from New York. New York.

Just look at that picture on the left for a second.

He's doing 2 diabolos while laying down...! 

We're excited to have him in the line-up

Trevor Pearson
Trevor Pearson grew up on Cape Cod, where he learned to juggle at the age of 13.  He’s particularly interested in the different connections folks make with juggling imagery and in the ways it can be related to music.


 Members of the U of R Strong Jugglers -

We Love the members of the U of R Strong Jugglers. You can find more about them on facebook.  Their next big event is their 18th Annual Spring Show. Check out their event page

Adam Lanman will be there, and of course he'll be at RIT as well doing a great acro and ring routine on Friday night.

Oh yes.. that's Adam in the picture, unless the picture has gone missing as well.



Sarah Smith!

A Unicyclying Maven in Rochester, her skills are incredible and she has inspired many of her U of R Strong Jugglers to new heights in their unicycling skills as well.


The Incredible Larry - Larry Rundle
Larry offered to donate and additional routine to our event.

Can't wait to see it!