Juggle-In 2013 schedule of events



*Details subject to change.
For more information, or to help out, contact Event Coordinator Jeff Peden or the RIT Juggling Club

Unicycling - Please Note: Unicycling is allowed throughout the fest in the ice rink lobby, and Unicycles may not be ridden in the gyms at any time.
Map of Gym Floor

Returning for the fifth year: live streaming video -- watch the juggle-in online! 
All events will be broadcast except for the Saturday 7:30 public show. More details on the video pageAll times are EDT (GMT-4).

Wi-Fi will be available upon request!

Username: Juggle4, Juggle5, Juggle6, Juggle7, .... , Juggle19, Juggle20
Password:  Ask the front desk! 

Workshops: Please note the workshop listings are subject to last minute change
and we will be adding more even during the event.

Parking:  In previous years, parking has not been an issue.

This year, there will be many things going on at RIT during the same weekend as the Juggle-In.
Parking in lots you have parked in before may be full this year.
After 5pm on Friday, restricted spots become open spots for anyone.
Keep this in mind as you may have to look in other lots to park in.
If you have any questions about parking during the weekend,
please come up to the front desk at any time and we will assist you
as best as possible

 ***Schedule of events - printable copy

Friday, April 12, 2013

2:00pm The First Annual RIT Juggle-In MUNI RIDE! (Mountain Unicycling) -Sarah Smith
6:00pm Juggle-In opens with food for the early birds
The club provides pizza and serving plates; bring something to share if you can. Drinks, dessert, munchies... last years spread was incredible so be creative and bring a something to share to the feast.
7:00pm Open juggling!
7:00pm Pirouette workshop - Yuta Asano
7:00pm Contact juggling breakout - Peter LoVerso
7:30pm Club balancing workshop - Joe Showers
7:30pm Ring balancing workshop - Norbi Whitney
8:00pm Handstand workshop - Charlie Moreland from RocPK
8:30pm Club Balancing and Handstand competition!
9:00pm The Big Open! Bring your act and show your stuff!
FREE admission!
Acts should be appropriate for ALL audiences.
10:00pm Open juggling
12:00am Gym closes for the night

Saturday, April 13, 2013

 10:00 am Open juggling 10am through 5pm
Juggling equipment vendors • Used prop table • Raffle tickets • Show tickets • T-shirts • Unicycling
10:00 am Club kick-up variations - Matt Kiel
10:30am Saturday Matinee hosted by Ted Baumhauer (Aux gym)
11:30am Beginning Juggling Workshop immediately following the show
11:30am Learn Mills Mess - Greg Phillips
11:30am Kendama breakout - Joe Showers
12:00pm Creating Comedy Routines for Performance - Michael Rosman
*by advance registration only - see below
12:00pm Unicycle breakout (ice rink lobby) - Sarah Smith
12:00pm 4 club variations - Bekka
12:00pm Diabolo workshop - Robin Hu
1:00pm Club takeouts and steals - Scott Slesnick
1:00pm Head rolls - with special guest Ivan Pecel
1:00pm Devilstick breakout - Larry Rundle
1:55pm The Big Toss-Up - Everybody smile!
2:00pm The Competitions
  • Quarter Juggling
  • 5 ball endurance
  • 5 club endurance
  • club balancing
  • 3 ball blind juggling
  • 3 ball Simon Says 
  • Best trick (12 and under)
  • Best trick
3:00pm Contact juggling - Lacey Lucidity
3:00pm Cigar box breakout and basics - Buffalo club
3:00pm Group passing patterns - Buffalo club
"turn left at Havana", Virginia Reel
3:00pm Rings foundation work - Norbi Whitney
4:00pm Raffle winners announced
5:00pm Gym closes promptly – go eat dinner!
Remember to remove all equipment from the gym as you leave.

The Show (Ingle Auditorium)
Doors open at 7:10 p.m.
Tickets available at information table.
General Admission: $14
RIT Student/Fac/Staff/Alum: $10 (with valid RIT ID)
Seniors (65+): $10
Youth (10 and under): $8
Not broadcast online -- see the show in person only!

10:00pm The gym reopens for open juggling
10:00pm - 12:00am Volleyclub Tournament! (Aux gym) - Joe Showers
Sign-ups at the front desk during the day
12:00am Gym closes for the night

Sunday, April 14, 2013

10:00am Open juggling and workshops (Main gym only)
10:30am Forum - The business of Juggling with Ivan Pecel
11:00am Stretching and posture for jugglers - Bekka
11:30am 3 ball multiplex shuffles (Georgian, Singapore, Kingston) - Greg Phillips
12:00pm Fun with sound - Ward Hartenstein
1:00pm Ring multiplexes - Norbi
3:00pm The end of the juggle-in. Thanks for coming!


Special Workshop with Michael Rosman

Michael Rosman has agreed to do a special workshop on writing comedy routines for performance
for a limited audience of 25 people.  This workshop will actually be held outside the main gym area
in a room reserved just for this workshop. So if you are looking to take your act to the next level,
and would like expand the comic potential you have you'll want to join in.  Best of all, as a special favor
to the RIT festival, Micheal has agreed to do this one time workshop for free.

This is the type of workshop that is typical of the highly acclaimed MiniFest performing arts series.

Register in advance by contacting the Juggle-In crew at RITjuggle@gmail.com.
Please indicate "comedy workshop" in the subject line of your request.
Registration will also be taken in person at the front desk until the session is full.