The Big Open

The Big Open is the open mic style, opening night public show which is free and open to the public. It will be filled with awesome acts from all over. It's the kickoff event for three days of juggling, footbagging, unicycling, manipulation and mayhem at the RIT Spring Juggle-In.

If you would like to register to be in the show early, please send us an email at along with any music you would like to use!

Date: Friday, April 11, 2014
Time: 9:00 pm
Location: Clark Gym, RIT

Confirmed performers!

Chandler Scott - Rochester, NY

Returning to RIT after his great performance in the Public Show last year is professionally sponsored yo-yo player Chandler Scott.
Chandler is sponsored by yoyo zeekio and is thrilled to be part of their team. He has more new moves this year, and he already has a solid history of wowing the crowd with his incredible routines.
*Conveniently for the rest of us YoYoSam carries lots of great Yoyo Zeekio products and they will be on site at the Juggle-In this year, so you can get inspired then go get yourself a great yo-yo to work with!

Danny Jd Buonocore - New Rochelle, NY

Danny is a member and an officer in the RIT Juggling Club, and is widely known as "that guy who is always juggling" and his love of bananas.
A fluid ball juggler and accomplished diabolo player, we are excited about seeing him represent the RIT jugglers.

Karen Phillips - Belly Dancing

Karen Phillips

After many years of jazz dance and classical ballet, Karen took her first bellydance lesson at the age of fourteen and has never looked back! She has been teaching since 1998.

Karen’s philosophy of dance is simple: bellydance should be fun!

Karen has studied most forms of bellydance, but is currently focused on modern fusions of traditional Moroccan and Middle Eastern styles. Her own choreographies incorporate traditional movements into unique, perky dance routines, often set to modern Arabic music or to “non-traditional” music by Canadian artists like Loreena McKennitt and Jesse Cook. Her dances frequently include veils, canes, zills, swords, candles, baskets and so on.

Contact Karen by email at
Bellydance with Karen Phillips in Kingston, Ontario « Nobody’s Watching Dance Studio


Joe Showers - Since he first saw a Father and Son team perform at a Scouting event years ago Joe has been fascinated with juggling.
In the last 10 years he has grown increasing more dedicated and skilled as a comic, juggler and performer. He has won more medals than you can count, and currently works with College Talent agencies doing shows all over.  A long time supporter of the RIT Juggle-In he has been an MC of the Friday and Saturday night shows, a workshop leader, medal winner, guest housing host, and tour guide for performers. Its easy to see why everyone loves Joe! In fact why not show him some love and like his Fanpage on Facebook
Joe will be presenting his Quebec Circus School Audition Routine!

Additional confirmed artists include:

Avery Thompson -Diabolo

Harry Franklin - A young juggler who is just getting started, make sure you give him lots of support. Harry will be doing a routine with balls clubs and rings

Sam Boyles - contact juggling

Sebastian Ferlo - Diabolo

Wes Peden - balls clubs rings, and of course, some very cool shoes.