Parking at RIT for the Juggle-In

Saturday events at RIT can be very busy and this year is no exception.
Because of a new student openhouse on Saturday D lot will be closed until 10 am, reserved  for anyone who is "visiting" the campus.
This may mean parking in alternate lots around campus and walking in.  You can of course drop off your family or friends at the end
of the campus loop near the Sentinel, the SAU and Clark Gym, then let them walk into Clark while you go park the car.

Parking is best done in lot D, but this year it may be full during the morning on Saturday due to the new student open house.

Alternate lots that can work are N, E, F,  Look at the map here for walking paths from the lots and Clark Gym on the map.
Walking from parking lots to Clark -you can see a larger version of the Map here

You can look for signs with arrows on campus which will help you make your way to Clark Gym.