Places to eat on campus

There are a number of dining establishments on campus operated by RIT Dining Services, but since the Juggle-In is on a weekend many of them will be open for limited hours. Please check their web site for details.

In particular, The Student Alumni Union (SAU), located just across from the gym, features the following locations that may be open on Saturday or Sunday:

You can also find vending machines downstairs from the ice rink lobby, and on the A level of the SAU outside the RITZ.


Places to eat off campus

Take a right out of campus onto Jefferson Rd (252) going East.
The following places are all less than 4 miles from campus

  • L: MacGreggors (Beer and grill)
  • R: Pickle Nicks (sandwiches)
  • L: Subway
  • R: Jitters Cafe
  • L: Tandoor of India
  • L: China Buffet
  • L: Mighty Taco
  • L: Dibella's (sandwiches)
  • Left on 15 (north)
    • L: Abbott's Frozen Custard
    • R: Nick Tahou Hots
    • L: KFC
    • R: The Tokyo *
    • L: Arby's
    • R: Dunkin' Donuts
    • R: Jay's Diner ~
  • Right on 15 (south)
    • Applebee's
  • L: IHOP
  • L: Ruby Tuesday
  • L: McDonalds
  • L: Olive Garden
  • L: Wendys
  • R: Hylan Dr.
    • L: Wegmans ~* (grocery store)
    • L: Uno's
    • R: Marketplace Mall
      • Arby's
      • Burger King
      • Captain's Attic
      • Friendly's
      • Ground Round
      • Subway
      • Taco Bell
      • Tom Wahl's
    • R: Cracker Barrel * (just past highway entrance)
  • R: Tim Horton's
  • L: Bahama Breeze
  • R: Red Lobster
  • L: Macaroni Grill *
  • L: Don Paublo's
  • R: Denny's
  • R: Bugaboo Creek Steak House
  • L: Kenny Rogers Roasters
  • L: Boston Market
  • L: Dunkin Donuts
  • L: Taco Bell
  • Left on 15A (north)
    • L: Atlanta Bread Company
    • L: The King and I * (Thai)
    • L: A Mexican place whose name escapes me*
  • L: Burger King
  • L: Tops (supermarket)
  • L: Outback Steak House
  • R: Perkins
  • R: Tuly's
  • R: Bill Gray's

 * We recommend eating here.
Specifically, eat at the Cracker Barrel for breakfast,
and all other meals at the King and I.
Wegmens is just a good supermarket.  They also have various prepared foods, like pizza, chicken, chinese, sushi

~ These places are open 24 hours.  (other places probably are too, I just haven't looked into it.)