Why a Raffle?

This raffle is one of the main means of financing the Juggle-In.
When you buy a raffle ticket you are supporting a tradition of:
FREE entrance to the gym, 
    FREE attendance at workshops, and
         FREE entrance and participation in the games.


Anyone may donate juggling related art, memorabilia, props or other items of value. 
*The RIT Juggling club reserves the right to refuse items deemed inappropriate for the event

We need more things to give away at the Juggle-In! Contact Jeff if you would like to donate items for the raffle, or send them direct to...

RIT – Juggling club
Campus Center - #1610
127 Lomb Memorial Dr.
Rochester, NY 14523

Donated items

We are still receiving donations for the Raffle, see below for Vendors who have already comitted to Donate or sent a donation to the raffle.


GBallz -


Pass the Props


YoYo Sam

NeonHusky is donating 7 x white 14-panel beanbags, and 1 Juggling 101 DVD


Flying Clipper is donating this beautiful TossaBall 5 ball set with bag worth $70

Three Finger Juggling is donating this amazing set of 3 double diamond juggling knives with a case. retail value $150 !!!!!

Flying Clipper is donating this great set of 5 beanbags retailing $70!

Higgins Brothers is sending all this!!

A Ninja Pro Kendama:  $19.95

A Freestyle Footbal: $6

3 Juggling Rings: $16.50

A Juggling 101 DVD: $22.95

2 packs of 3 Cirque du Soleie brand beanbags: $18 each

"The Complete Juggling Ensemble" (3 beanbags + DVD): $29.95

A red spinning plate: $8

3 blue MMX Plus balls: $50

That's almost $200 of awesome stuff!!

GBallz donated this high quality set of 7 E8 ballz (with pouch) retailing for almost $100!


Unicycle.com donated this great unicycle DVD and a gift card worth $75