Our Home

Where are these guys from anyway? We have to start with a link to our home! We're a club at Rochester Institute of Technology, a tech school located in upstate New York.

Our Friends

Folks who help and support our efforts. Why isn't your name here? Who doesn't want more friends! We'd love to get some contacts at other juggling clubs and set up some mutual festival visits and get-togethers. Feel free to contact us if you're interested!

Airplay Juggling. What more can be said about Jeff and Wes Peden? These are the guys who make the club go. Always there, ever supportive, and some of the best teachers around (not to mention fantastic jugglers) We owe far too much to these guys to say it all here.

Year in and year out, the Rochester Juggling Club can be counted on to help with our efforts at the RIT Juggle-In.

The University of Rochester Strong Jugglers. These guys are always on the floor making things happen at the Juggle-In.

Juggling Resources

Need info? Stop by our meetings! Aside from that, here are some fantastic resources.

The IJA is the International Jugglers' Association. They are an excellent resource for juggling information, as well as a must for every serious juggler out there.

The Internet Juggling Database is a great source of information, with videos, how-to lessons, even a Juggling FAQ and wiki. is THE resource for contact juggling, with a vast database of videos and lessons, as well as a very active message board.

/r/juggling is an new resource for all things juggling. Talk, collaborate and get feedback from jugglers all around the world.

Juggling Stores

Need some toys? Here are some online stores we highly recommend.

In Dube you'll find one of the most professional juggling websites on the net. If there's something you like to throw, twirl, balance, spin, or otherwise manipulate, they've probably got it.

Higgins Brothers is a fantastic source of all sorts of juggling supplies. They are fast, friendly, and consistently donate quality items for our raffle at our yearly festival.

Neon Husky specializes in glow in the dark items. If you want your props to glow, this is the place

Please support these other vendors who have sujpported our festival as well including the following:

Pass the Props - a wide range of props at prices that won't break your budget.

YoYoSam -Yo Yo's, Kendamas they are the skill toy superstore

Flying Cli.pper - quality footbags and juggling beanbags

Gballz - juggling beanbags

Three Finger Juggling - The Best Juggling Knives And Dangerous Props

Jolly Lama -affordable devilsticks diabolos and other toys