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RIT KanJam Executives (2010-2011)

Chris Chris Tarantino - President/Founder

Chris “Quentin” Tarantino founded RIT KanJam in the Spring of 2010 shortly after being named an official KanJam, LLC. “Jambassador.” In this role, and in his position of current president, he ensures that RITKJ will establish itself deep in the RIT community and make its presence known far and wide. Outside of playing KanJam, Chris is an avid Ultimate Frisbee player, practicing Emergency Medical Technician, and full-time “overachiever” (as dubbed by his friends). Chris is a Marketing Student in the Saunders College of Business, expects to graduate in 2013, and intends to pursue a Masters Degree after graduating from RIT. Other clubs/organizations Chris is involved in include: RIT Ambulance, RIT Leadership Institute & Community Service Center, Alpha Phi Omega, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Rochester, RIT Telefund, the Lowenthal Group, and many others. Chris’ favorite throw is the forehand or “flick” and his favorite KanJam moment is the look on his opponents’ faces when he throws a “slot.”

dan Dan English - Vice President

Daniel English is a co-founder and the Vice President of the Kan Jam Club at RIT.  He first discovered Kan Jam when he arrived at RIT and, realizing how awesome it is, started playing frequently.  Dan is a second year student majoring in Advertising and Public Relations in the Communications department.  He is from Monroeville, Pennsylvania and is involved in several organizations on RIT’s campus including Orientation Assistant, University Studies Ambassador and RIT Intramurals.  He loves to use the backhand throw to perfectly place his throws and his favorite Kan Jam moment is throwing two instant wins in a single night, much to the despair of Chris Tarantino.

Dave Beyerlein - Secretary

Dave, a second year Imaging and Photographic Technology major here at RIT, is an avid Mountain Dew enthusiast and involved in many activities. When he's not playing KanJam, Dave can be found snowboarding, long boarding on the Quarter Mile, climbing, playing Ultimate Frisbee, and jamming out to pop-punk/hardcore music. Dave enjoys long walks on the beach followed by tissues and The Notebook, his favorite throw is the "goat roper" and his favorite KanJam moment is when, at a friend's birthday party, he scored an Instant Win on his first throw after claiming to everyone at the party he "wasn't very good."

mel Melissa Masline - Treasurer

Mel is from Penfield, NY, has had Kan Jam in her life since high school, and has introduced many of her RIT friends to the loving game of Kan Jam. Melissa is a second year Psychology major and is currently involved in Habitat for Humanity, the Gymnastics Club, is a University Studies Program Ambassador, and is involved in the RIT intramural program. Melissa prefers to use the forehand throw and her favorite Kan Jam moment is when her team was down five points and, given the rebuttal, threw an Instant Win.

levy Levy Felfoldi - Media Chair

Levy sucks at KanJam, but we give him props for trying. In his free time, between being a second year Software Engineering student and Army ROTC cadet here at RIT, Levy is our Media Chair and Webmaster for RITKJ. Though Levy may seem to have a fiery temper and threaten to rip your face off, don’t let him fool you, he’s filled with sunshine and rainbows on the inside. If you have any questions/comments about the website just add him on facebook (linkto: