RIT KanJam is a club on the RIT campus that hosts pick-up games, KanJam tournaments, both a Recreational and Competitive League, and demos on/around the RIT Campus. This group is a place for all levels of expertise and is aimed at promoting the love for the game.

RITKJ has both a recreational league and a competitive league who host both open and closed tournaments; for more information on either of these leagues or if you would like to sign up please email RITKanJam@gmail.com!

For those that don't know, KanJam is a game that was created in Buffalo, NY and involves two teams of two players throwing and deflecting a frisbee into/at two opposing goals/buckets; first team to 21 (without going over) wins. For a more complete explanation of how to play KanJam see the links section and/or the discussion threads on our Facebook Fan Page!