Undergraduate Eta Chapter Sisters


Narolyn Moya

Nazareth College of Rochester
Political Science Major/Pre-Law Minor 2013
Spring 11 #3
Position: President, Academic Chair

A year or two ago I fell in love with Omega Phi Beta specifically with Eta Chapter, never was it in my plans to join a sorority. Now I found myself in a chapter full of amazing women and taking on leadership roles. I'm extremely grateful and would like to thank my chapter sisters for the opportunities given to me as well as the guidance and support. I have become a stronger, better person because of the positions I took on. For me it was either Omega Phi Beta or nothing. Nothing else attracted me like Omega Phi Beta did. One of the many things that made me become interested in the organization was the women who were a part of the organization and the example and passion that I perceived from them and my chapter. Also the organization goals and motto and how the organization embodied women’s empowerment and its philanthropy is “Raising Awareness of Violence against Women”. I also wanted to get involved outside of just College and do things in Rochester and on a national level and found the organization as an outlet to do so. The women of my chapter were really leader oriented, involved and academically inclined; it was just everything that I wanted to be a part of. It was a huge decision to make because when you become a part of this its forever but it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The more days pass the more I continue to fall in love with the organization and this Radiant Sisterhood.


Diane Kang

Rochester Institute of Technology
Industrial and Systems Engineer (BS/ME), 2013
Spring 2010, #2
Position: Vice President, Secretary

Becoming a part of this Radiant sisterhood has opened up so many opportunities. OPBSI has taught me a plethora of things, such as becoming a stronger and more confident woman. Along with learning more about myself, I have learned to utilize all I have gained from my experiences on daily life and my future endeavors. Along with these exceptional women, whom I am so honored to call my sisters, I am excited to contribute as much as possible to our campus and community.


Genesis Pena

Nazareth College of Rochester
Nursing Major 2013
Spring 2011, #2
Position: Membership Chair, Treasury

The decision to become a Radiant Sister of omega Phi Beta has been one of my greatest and most appreciative accomplishments. Seeing such strong, independent and professional women of diverse backgrounds unify for a greater good in this organization was a source of inspiration for me; and it was almost immediate that I knew Omega Phi Beta was the best choice. This is truly a sisterhood like no other, and shall forever be my Everlasting, Elite, Extraordinary Eta Chapter family.

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