We are the 10%

Around campus, you've been seeing posters lately that read "We are the 10%" with a friendly-looking student and the name, OUTspoken. Curious, you checked out the link, and that brought you here. So, welcome to the OUTspoken website! You'll find plenty of information here about who we are and what we do, links to our fellow LGBT organizations, and upcoming events.

But the lingering question remains... what on earth does "We are the 10%" mean??

During the 50's and 60's, Dr. Alfred Kinsey spent a considerable amount of time interviewing thousands of Americans about their sexualities, and used this impressive amount of data to create a scale of human sexual behaviors. According to his data, it is estimated that up to ten percent of the US population is gay, lesbian, bisexual, and/or queer.

At this time, OUTspoken has no way to accurately measure the number of these students on campus. It would be impossible, considering that many students don't come out until late in their college years, or may explore multiple identities, or may not feel comfortable being out at all. If we follow Kinsey's reasoning, we can guess that around ten percent of the RIT student body is lesbian, gay, bisexual, questioning, or queer; but how do we know who they are? How can OUTspoken represent such a widespread and ever-evolving community?

It starts with a poster: "We are the 10%". That's a lot of students! For those of you who haven't heard of us, which might be a lot of you, here we are. This campaign is our "coming-out" to the campus, making it clear that our needs and concerns are an important aspect of decision making at RIT.

We are the ten percent, join us and be heard!

-Tristan Wright, President