Our E-board:

Tristan Wright

Our current President is Tristan Wright, a second year Interpreting major. Tristan has a degree in theatre and french from SUNY Buffalo, and lived on two communes where he did organizational and leadership work.

Victor Sanchez

Our current Financial Director is Victor Sanchez, a fifth year Civil Engineering Tech major with a minor in Public Policy. He is working to get support from GLBT alumni and increasing GLBT presence on campus.

Jarod Salton

Our current Publicity Director is Jarod Salton, a fourth year Advertising and Public Relations major, minoring in Creative Writing. He has also served as the PR Director and Social Chair for ritGA and is the treasurer of the RIT Bowling Team.

Gabrielle Orelli

Our current Vice President is Gabrielle Orelli, a fourth year Interior Design major with a minor in American Sign Language. She also worked at the GLBT Center during the 2010-2011 school year.

Huong Tran

Our current Programming Director is Huong Tran, a second year Finance major. Tran, as she is known by her friends, is an international student originally from Vietnam and is a Student Manager at the Corner Store

Ed Steffens

Ed Steffens, our current Faculty Advisor, has worked at RIT since 1971. Ed started working in Student Affairs until moving to Finance and Administration as Assistant Director and now Director of Special Events

Darci Lane-Williams

Darci Lane-Williams, our current Administrative Advisor, joined the RIT family in 2009 and is also the Director of the Center for Women and Gender. She is a counselor specializing in interpersonal relationships and conflict resolution.