A Letter from the President:

The Rochester Institute of Technology was recently inducted as the 305th pre law chapter of Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, International. Although we are a newly developing chapter we hold true to the values and ideals of Integrity, Compassion, Courage, Professionalism, Service, Diversity, and Innovation, which have long existed within the history of Phi Alpha Delta. As a chapter we strive to pursue the fraternal motto: “Service to the Student, the School, the Profession, and the Community”.

We are established as the first and only pre-law fraternity on the Campus of RIT. This prestigious accomplishment within an institution that is predominantly engineered based has provided our chapter with a unique and diverse origin. Our members are leaders on campus from diverse majors and organizations, however we all share a collective interest in the legal profession.

With a diverse legal community in the Rochester area the RIT chapter of Phi Alpha Delta strives to utilize all of the networks and resources available to us to help you make an informed decision about your desire to be apart of the legal profession. Whether you are already on track to go to law school or still deciding if law school is for you, the RIT chapter of Phi Alpha Delta is here to help you along on your journey! Through our innovative programs, a vast network that encompasses lawyers, judges, professors and Supreme Court justices along with our unique fraternal bond we will provide you with an incredible undergraduate experience! So please take a look at our page and feel free to talk with any Phi Alpha Delta members you see on campus!


Emily Martin

President of the RIT Pre-Law Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, International

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