Committees 2012

Executive Committee




President: Deirdresha Wint,




Vice President: Jazzmyn Ivery-Robinson,

 Secretary: Jazzlyn Ivery-Robinson,




 Treasurer: Zoe Gordon,

The executive committee overseas all committee members. This committee is responsible for setting the agenda and goals for the school year.



Criminal Justice Department Chair:

LaVerne McQuiller Williams
Associate Professor | J.D., Albany Law School
Ph.D., SUNY Buffalo

Email:  Phone: (585) 475 – 2935


Jennifer Gravitz
Associate Professor | J.D., Albany Law School

Email: | Phone: (585) 475 – 6846


 Professional Development Programming Committee




Committee Chair: Chelsea Allen,

This committee is responsible for developing, planning and implementing programs for the advancement of professional development among its members and the student body.

 Academic Development Committee




Committee Chair: Kaneesha Dukes,

This committee develops and implements programs and projects to aid in the scholastic achievement of the Chapter members and the student body. The Faculty Advisor is a great resource for this committee.

 Membership Committee




Committee Chair: Emily Martin,

Membership Committee is responsible for the continuity of the Chapter by actively recruiting year-round while also working to retain the existing membership. While all Chapter members are responsible for recruiting, the committee should conduct a concentrated recruitment program throughout each semester. The committee should make efforts to retain the involvement of its members while enrolled in school and after graduation.

 Finance Committee





Committee Chair: Corey Daniels,

The main responsibility of this committee is to develop sources of revenue for the Chapter through fundraising projects in addition to the Chapter dues and school funding. It also reviews and analyzes the financial condition of the Chapter on a continuing basis and shall report to the Chapter its recommendations.

 Community Service Committee




Committee Chair: Iman Abid,

This committee develops programs and projects in efforts to reach out to the community through varied service projects.

Social Committee




Committee Chair: Malcolm Bonner,

The social committee is responsible with creating events that bring all RITPAD members together in the spirit of brotherhood. Such events include but are not limited to potlucks and mixers. The purpose of these events are to create a bond between RITPAD members and to create lasting friendships.

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