Meeting Minutes

Minutes for April 21th, 2013


  • Imagine RIT May 4th (Week 9)

  • May 5th - the Color Run - Community Service Credit

  • Book Binding night in the lounge from 7-9, maybe later so if you want to learn how to do that, or drink tea you can

  • Color Run is May 5th

  • Cystic Fibrosis is May 15th


  • bookbinding

  • black light volleyball

  • Lake Ontario MANDATORY next Saturday, instead of the Sunday meeting, the beach trip takes the place

Freshman Project:

  • FMS began painting, it will be completed in three weeks, emailing about schedule for people that want to help them paint


  • Carsmash Thursday of Week 10


  • thanks for coming to the lecture, heard it was really good and interesting

  • Charles Arnold, last of the series, is TOMORROW at 5pm in Carleson, then one on Thursday at 6pm - last series for the year

Open House:

  • last gallery show of the year is going up - two pieces of progress, best piece from fall quarter and this quarter. Give work to anyone in the committee

  • committee meeting tonight


  • sign the yearbook page

  • blankets exceeds budget, only will buy them if people are interested in them, only 9 people, needed twenty to order, maybe next year

  • anything old email or ask Alex he will let people purchase old apparel, committee meeting after the meeting to figure out the last of the yearbook


  • keep it clean

Print Fin:

  • need to get new ink, backup inks, replacement set is $330, vote: getting more ink for the printer: Tuesday afternoon

SIH Senator: ran unopposed, attendance to SIH, offer incentives to the house with best attendance, sign in sheet of all of the houses, raffle, prior experience: eld leadership experience: Kristen from Ehouse, good luck from the former SIH Senator (Alex) piece of paper and a pen sign in sheet, giant list of SIH paper in a zip file, archive of things that has been passed down - old agendas

overview: Kristen, the only person running for SIH senator, helps out with the President’s meetings, facilitating that, inter communications between the houses


  • still closed, really dirty and ordering safety things: lab coats and goggles, committee meeting after this, Darkroom is dirty right now, normal facility thing,


  • spoke with CSH who will host our website on their server, new theme needs to be finished, next year will need to be trained, come see Vlad


  • Ehouse event was moved without telling Lauren, moved to this Saturday which is Ontario so we can’t go. womp

RA stuff:

  • Friday May 3rd - Tie Dye party, sign the clipboard