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Resources For Physics Students

On this page are a set of resources that have been found to be most helpful for physics students. The items posted here range in everything from websites to graphing software.


Of the available plotting software, Gnuplot is among the best. It is easy to learn, does what you want, and makes clean professional looking graphs. It can be found here. For a Gnuplot tutorial see here.

Installing Gnuplot on a Mac can be tricky. For a simple way use this file.


ImageJ is an image analysis and editing tool. It is used in places such as the U of R's Laboratory for Laser Energetics. It is useful in classes such as Physical Optics. More information can be found here.

Grad School Shopper

For physics students looking for graduate schools in physics, GradSchoolShopper can be a useful tool in your search. There is also a physical copy available if you wish to use that as well.

Textbook Deals

In this section there is a list of recommended books that have proven to be useful.