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Monthly Archives: April 2013

How I See The Rimers of Eldritch

By: Hannah Schwob The RIT Players have returned to the stage for their spring production, The Rimers of Eldritch. Written in the early 1960s by Pulitzer prize winning author Lanford Wilson, it creates a complex web of characters, stories, and

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Time Management in College

By: Gary Gellerson No high school student can truly grasp how great of a change college is, which is why it is important to know how to manage your time in your first year. When I was in high school,

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So You Want to Run Costumes and Props?

Once I was a freshman, bright-eyed and bushy tailed, ready for any challenge that could arise. Now I’m a second year, still ready for any challenge, but with some pro tips in my wheelhouse. Lucky you, you get to find

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College Theater

By: Vasilios Anton I didn’t want my college theater life to be a repeat of my high school theater life. It took me two years to immerse myself in my high school’s theater club. I touched on all aspects throughout

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Programming Officer – Keeping the Club Sane

By: Tom Weekes I’m Tom Weekes and I was the Programming Officer from 2012-2013, next year I will be taking over the role of Vice President. What is a Programming Officer you ask? Well, it is my job to keep

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What is the 24 Hour Show?

 By: John Adam At the beginning of spring quarter, I participated in a RIT Players tradition: The 24 Hour Show. This past show was one of the best I have had the pleasure of being a part of since coming

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