Programming Officer – Keeping the Club Sane

By: Tom Weekes

I’m Tom Weekes and I was the Programming Officer from 2012-2013, next year I will be taking over the role of Vice President. What is a Programming Officer you ask? Well, it is my job to keep the club sane. Let me explain. Each show we do has the following side effects: Hair loss, raised blood pressure, a year off our life expectancy, indigestion, a lack of sleep and sometimes death. Okay well… it’s not that bad BUT it still gets pretty stressful and we put A LOT of time into our shows. We love doing it but it definitely takes a toll on us as students. Here is where programming officer comes it. It is the programming officer’s job to plan events, or what they are formally known by the club as, “Fun Timez”.

There are three major events t892648_10200816840008500_6255997_o (1)he RIT Players try to do every year together. Those events include a trip to Darien Lake Amusement Park, pumpkin carving near Halloween and a NYC trip in the spring to see a show or two on Broadway. As a theater club, our calendars are pretty much booked from the beginning of the year, but fitting these little nuggets of fun in between our shows and events proves to be the best way to bond and relieve stress, so that is why we try to fit them in after shows or really early in a quarter.

The programming officer has to be the kind of person who can’t just plan event and sit back and relax because they need to worry about, “Are people going to have fun?”, “Is everything going to run smoothly?”, “Did I forget a step in the planning process?” and things of that nature. (I make it seem like I’m relaxed, shhhhh). It is my goal, that everyone can just hang out and have a good time instead of working on one Players show to the next. When you are part of the planning process, the smallest moments that make the trip or event seem to stick to your memory even more than if you had just attended.


Tom is a second-year new-media marketing major at RIT. During his time with the RIT Players he has acted, directed, written, assisted directed and held the position of programming officer on Eboard.

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