Farewell Players

By: Brittany Remington

That is right, you clicked on the graduating senior, sappy blog post. Sorry for that. I will try to keep it as sap-less as possible. It has been a crazy four years with the RIT Players.


When I first came to RIT in 2009, I had every intention of trying new things. Finding a new, cool hobby or joining a sorority. I believed that I was going to leave the theatre experience behind me, at least for a little while but I ended up going to the first Players meeting of the year with another friend from the floor who also had a love of theatre but wanted to try new things. I got trapped. One meeting led to one 24 Hour Show which led to one audition which led to another which led to running for eboard.

The Players were the most welcoming bunch of people (and continue to be every year) that challenged my theatre abilities and comfort level constantly.  I was given multiple opportunities to be a director, a show coordinator, an actor, hold leadership positions in the organization, artistic direct, attempt to do build sets, take trips to NYC and the local theatre productions here in Rochester. All this while I was getting to know wonderful people I will always consider to be my best friends. The organization not only helped me develop as a leader but as a person growing in confidence and experience every day.

Were there times they drove me crazy? Of course! But I wouldn’t take back those moments of insanity or frustration for anything. As I progressed through college, I did try new clubs and organizations (about five or six others) but the only one that stayed constant was the RIT Players. I can’t even begin to list the times I promised myself that I would take the quarter off from Players and ended up auditioning or somehow working behind the scenes instead. The people in Players helped me get through some of the worst times and were always there to help celebrate the best with me while continuing to fuel my passion for theatre.

While I may not be directly involved with the RIT Players anymore, I still have full intentions on coming back to Rochester to see shows and friends.


Brittany is a recent graduate from RIT with a Bachelors of Science degree in Advertising & Public Relations. With the RIT Players she was Communications Officer, Vice President, Marketing Director, Artistic Director, Director, Show Coordinator, Actress, and attempted to help Tech. 


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