Club Information

Currently, we meet weekly in the SLC (Gordon Field House) at the racquetball courts every Monday and Wednesday night from 8PM to 10PM. There are no requirements for joining, so if you are interested in racquetball, stop by any night!

At each meeting we try to talk briefly about any updates or announcements that we have before starting to play. If we can, we will usually spend approximately the first 30 minutes of club to go over some technique to those who are interested in learning some advanced form, then we play for the rest of the meeting.

The RIT Racquetball Club also sends an 8-member Men's and Women's team to play against other colleges in the ECRC. Anyone interested in playing on the team can try out, and team member's divisions are determined through a tryout system. The weekend before each tournament we host tryouts at practice, and the outcome of the tryout determines the ranking for the upcoming tournament. If you would like to tryout for a tournament, you must be attending all the practices.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us using the contacts page.