RIT Gay Alliance

The RIT Gay Alliance is dedicated to building a strong community on campus for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender (GLBT) people and their straight Allies. ritGA is welcoming of all people no matter their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. We help to educate others about the GLBT community, work on advocacy for GLBT issues and current events, and celebrate GLBT culture. ritGA hosts many social events with other clubs, organizations, and colleges in the Rochester area, such as Rainbow Week, Drag Shows, dances, speakers, and demonstrations. Involvement with the RIT Gay Alliance does not imply the sexual orientation or gender identity of an attendee and they will never be required to disclose this information. If you are interested and open to learning and socializing, feel free to stop by! Our meetings are Wednesday nights at 9pm in Kate Gleason Hall Room A-055.

E-board President
  • Name: Paul Sira
  • Position: President
  • Email Address: pxs2378@rit.edu
E-board Vice-President
  • Name: Becky Gerhart
  • Position: Vice-President
  • Email Address: rkg8315@rit.edu
E-board Secretary/Webmaster
  • Name: Russ Burkhardt
  • Position: Secretary/Webmaster
  • Email Address: rnb5134@rit.edu
E-board Business Coordinator
  • Name: Robert Filipkowski
  • Position: Business Coordinator
  • Email Address: raf2379@rit.edu
E-board Public Relations
  • Name: Erving Romero
  • Position: Public Relations
  • Email Address: exr6797@rit.edu
E-board Co-Social Chair
  • Name: Sean Upson
  • Position: Co-Social Chair
  • Email Address: smu8092@rit.edu
E-board Co-Social Chair
  • Name: Henry Leigh
  • Position: Co-Social Chair
  • Email Address: hhl6028@rit.edu
E-board Student Advisor
  • Name: Jillian Strobeck
  • Position: Student Advisor
  • Email Address: jes2001@rit.edu