Ingle Auditorium

Enter the RIT campus at the main entrance, and proceed past the oval green field to your left to the yield sign at the roundabout / traffic circle. Enter the roundabout passing two exits from the roundabout on your right. Take the third exit on to the main road that loops around the campus. Immediately to your right from this road, turn into Parking Lot D. After parking, look toward the building with the large loading dock next to Lot D. This is the Ice Rink. Walk to the right of the Ice Rink, and follow the sidewalk to the end. The Student Alumni Union (Building 4) is straight ahead. Ingle Auditorium is located inside the SAU. Once you have entered the SAU, look for signs that will direct you to Ingle Auditorium.

Alternate parking for Ingle Auditorium is located in U lot behind the SAU.  To get to U lot following the above directions, go past D lot and continue past the residence halls, Perkins Rd, Wiltsie Dr, and around the back loop of campus.  Take your first right after going around the back loop, the parking lot to your right is U lot.  Enter the SAU from the rear door located near the service lot and take a left down the first hall.  A staircase and elevator are located on the left down this hall.  After exiting the staircase, on the first floor, turn left and follow the hall through the double doors.  Ingle Auditorium is just outside these doors. 

The Bamboo Room

The Bamboo Room is located on the second floor of the Student Campus Center(Building 3).

Music Room

Located in the basement if the Student Alumni Union next to Ritz Sports Zone and near WITR.

Webb Auditorium

Enter the RIT campus at the main entrance, and take the first exit on your right at the the roundabout towards parking lots E and F.  Parking is available in either of these lots.  After parking, walk towards the large breezeway between buildings 7A and 7B.  Webb auditorium is located on the first floor of the James E. Booth building or 7A.  The entrance on your right through the breezeway will take you to the second floor of this building.  Once you’ve entered the building take the staircase to your right to the first floor and the entrance to Webb Auditorium will be on your left.

campus map

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RIT is located in Henrietta at the intersection of Jefferson and East River Roads. The simplest way to enter the RIT campus is via the main entrance located on Jefferson Road.