Taylor Deer: Well-rounded Student Government President

Taylor Deer found his calling in management, where he realized he could foster his passion for motivating people to do their best. “I realized that I would only be truly happy if I worked with people for the rest of my life. The management major gives you the chance to do that,” he says.

The program’s interdisciplinary nature means Taylor works with a variety of students from all different majors across campus. “When you are working on a business plan and you have a group of students with a wide range of backgrounds and majors, that is when you really start coming up with amazing ideas,” he says. “I think that when we use our individual skill sets on projects, the best work gets done.”

The management major has also influenced how he’ll lead as president of RIT’s Student Government Association. “Management has taught me so much on how to motivate employees and how to develop and execute a plan of action,” he says.

When Taylor toured RIT as a prospective student he saw a place where he could not only learn, but grow. “RIT gives all students who walk through the door the tools they need to transform themselves into the person that they have always wanted to become.”

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