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The Student Center is a self‐service component where students manage their university‐related activities. To access the Student Center, go to, click the Student Info System link, and enter your RIT username and password. Here you can view information such as your:

  • Class and exam schedules
  • Enrollment appointments
  • Required textbooks
  • Final grades and GPA
  • Course history
  • Transfer credit
  • List of advisors
  • Holds on your account

You can also use the SIS to take the following actions:

  • Search for classes
  • Enroll in, drop, swap, or withdraw from classes
  • View an unofficial transcript
  • Request an official transcript to be mailed by the Registrar’s Office




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How to Read Your AAR

Information for students about the Academic Advising Report (AAR) PDF Guide 10/27/2016
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Student Enrollment Quick Reference Guide How to check your Enrollment Appointment

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How to check and clear holds
How to search for classes
How to check your Shopping Cart Appointment
How to add classes to the Shopping Cart
How to validate classes
How to delete a class from your shopping cart
How to enroll
How to swap a class
How to drop a class
How to edit a class
How to view your current schedule as a list
SIS Guide to Student Enrollment Navigating the SIS

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  Part 1

  Part 2

  Part 3




Checking Enrollment Appointment
Checking and clearing holds
Class search
Adding classes to your shopping cart and selecting classes
How to delete a course from your shopping cart
Enrolling in  a class
Swapping a class
Dropping a class
Editing a class
View current schedule
View weekly schedule
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