New Year, Better Me

It’s February and your well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions are starting to dwindle. No worries, RIT’s Better Me program has you covered! As with most people, my New Year’s resolution is to lose weight and get healthy and before I give up, I’ve decided to take advantage of everything Better Me has to offer.  

September of last year (I needed to get an early start) I went to see Susan Grace, Health Fitness Specialist. I needed someone to get me back on track, someone to check my progress and give me advice.  Sue suggested MyFitnessPal, an app, to help me track my eating habits and my workouts.  Using this app Sue noticed that my protein intake was low and my sugar was high (surprise!) She gave a couple of snack suggestions and made changes to my regular breakfast, and guess what, I’m feeling better and have more energy!

If this isn’t structured enough for you, you can join Weight Watchers, who meet regularly on campus.  I did that a couple of years ago and lost the 25 lbs I wanted to lose.  So, weight loss is covered, but my muscles are feeling neglected.  I contacted, Nikki Horton, one of the fitness trainers. We have setup an appt. for next week to plan an exercise routine and to get acquainted with the machines at the gym. For now, I’ll just use my trusted elliptical at the fitness center.

If a one-to-one coaching model is a bit intimidating, you can start by blending in with other participants at dozens of classes, several of which are free!

For those people who are more motivated than myself and are already on track, Better Me has great options to keep you in check with free blood pressure screenings, flu shots and wellness challenges. They will also keep you inspired with cooking classes.  In fact, the next one is coming up on Feb. 16th from 4 to 6 p.m, in the SAU, (more information on their website). Don’t forget information on the Good Food Collective, a convenient source for fresh vegetables for these new recipes, is also available on the Better Me website.  

Let’s say this is still not enough. Maybe you have a schedule that doesn’t make it easy to workout on campus or get a one on one meeting, but you have a favorite gym that you go to, why not check and see if you can get a better price on your gym membership by going to I hope this will help you achieve your goals and stick to your new year’s resolutions. Follow the links below for more information.