Student Affairs

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Senior Vice President's Office

  • 585-475-2267
    Sandy Johnson
    Senior Vice President for Student Affairs
  • 585-475-2268
    Heath Boice-Pardee
    Student Affairs
  • 585-475-2166
    Shelly Cicero
    Director of Student Affairs Operations
  • 585-475-5664
    Ellen Dallimore
    Senior Staff Specialist
  • 585-475-2265
    Dawn Didas
    Staff Assistant
  • 585-475-4788
    Lynn Purdy
    Director, Financial Reporting & Internal Controls for Student Affairs
  • 585-475-5691
    Kim Vent
    Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs and IT Support

Senior Vice President's Leadership Team

  • 585-475-4895
    Nicole Boulais
    Associate Vice President for Student Learning Support and Assessment
  • 585-475-2009
    Brooke Durland
    Executive Director
  • 585-475-2574
    Dawn Meza Soufleris
    Associate Vice President for Student Behavior
  • 585-475-6230
    Karey Pine
    Interim Assistant Vice President/Senior Director
  • 585-475-6402
    Donna Rubin
    Assistant Vice President for Student Wellness
  • 585-475-2615
    Lou Spiotti
    Executive Director
  • 585-475-5539
    John Weas
    Assistant VP for Student Affairs, Director