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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Plus IconHow can I refer a student to Academic Coaching?

To make a referral, please assist the student with the completion of our online form, or feel free to call, 585-475-6682, or email with the student’s name. Please inform the student that they will be contacted by the ASC to schedule a meeting.

FAQ Plus IconI may not remember when my appointment is, can you help me?

It is not ASC procedure to remind students of their appointments. At the time an appointment is made, however, students are sent a confirmation email with the name of the coach they are paired to meet with, as well as the day, time, directions to the office, and our appointment cancellation policy.

FAQ Plus IconHow can I find out if my student attended their appointment and what was discussed?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) does not allow us to disclose this information to family members. However, talking with your student is the best way to get information about the benefits of academic coaching.

FAQ Plus IconCan I schedule more than one academic coaching appointment?

Yes. Following the initial appointment, students are invited to meet again with a coach, as well as take advantage of additional ASC services. For a complete list of services, visit the main ASC website.

FAQ Plus IconWhat if I miss my appointment?

To re-schedule, students can follow the specific instructions in their email appointment confirmation, or stop by the office. They can also use the online appointment request form to schedule another appointment.

FAQ Plus IconDo I have to qualify to use the service?

No, we work with all RIT and RIT/NTID supported Baccalaureate and Graduate degree-seeking students - regardless of GPA. In addition, NTID’s Pre-Baccalaureate and AS (2+2), students can also access ASC services but should first discuss the services and options with their NTID Counselor/Academic Advisor. Students enrolled in other NTID associates degree program (AAS or AOS) should first seek support from the NTID's Counseling and Academic Advising Services office to determine what university support services would be appropriate.

FAQ Plus IconHow long does it take? How many meetings?

That depends on you! We work with you to develop a customized experience depending on your needs and interests in covering certain topics. Some students work with us for a period of time and then return later in their academic career to refresh certain topics or just “check-in,” and some other students find that one coaching meeting is just what they need.

FAQ Plus IconWhat goes on in an Academic Coaching meeting?

During your meeting, you and the ASC staff member or Peer Academic Coach will talk about your current academic habits. You will work to develop a plan of action that will outline important academic success topics and important RIT resources for you to work with. You will also start to identify and refine academic goals and the behaviors required of you to achieve them.

FAQ Plus IconWhat if I can’t make my meeting?

Please contact the coach you were scheduled to meet with or contact the ASC directly. You will be given the contact information of the ASC staff member or Peer Academic Coach you are scheduled to meet when you make your appointment. Please email, call, or stop by to let them know so that you can reschedule your appointment.