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Course Offerings

Academic Success Courses  

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Applied Study Strategies - This lecture/lab course is designed for students interested in further developing and practicing their abilities in the areas of study skills and time management. Students enrolled in this course will gain a greater understanding of the learning process through guided practice and will be able to identify and use strategies that meet their preferred learning style. Students will practice and apply these strategies to their current credit courses to develop advanced proficiency as active learners. Additionally, students will receive support through individualized coaching sessions. 
[ACSC-061] Credit 0 (F, S)

Insights on Success - This course provides students an opportunity to gain foundational insight into their own motivation, attitude and regulatory skills related to academic success and to increase their awareness of strategies to address academic challenges. Students will also learn basic study strategies, how they are used, and why they are valuable.
[ACSC-062] Credit 0 (F, S)

Study Strategies Lab (prerequisites apply) - This hands-on course is designed for students interested in maintaining their study strategies and organizational skills with regular support and feedback from an instructor. CRPG-061 CRP Academic Strategies SLSA, HEOP-060 HEOP Study Skills SLSA, ACSC-062 Insights on Success SLSA, or ACSC-061 Applied Study Strategies SLSA 
[ACSC-063] Credit 0 (F, S)

Math Support Courses

Critical Math Skills - This course is offered to RIT students who wish to strengthen their math skills before enrolling in or while taking an RIT credit math course. The class consists of a self-review or remediation of prerequisite math concepts with which students may find themselves struggling. A customized list of review topics called a Study Plan will be created based on an initial math assessment that focuses on basic Algebra, Trigonometry, Precalculus and introductory Calculus. An instructor is present to enhance students’ math study skills as well as deepen their understanding of math concepts. This course requires meeting with a Student Support Specialist in the Academic Support Center prior to enrollment. Please contact the ASC for additional details. 
[ACSC-072] Credit 0 (F, S, Su, I)

Critical Statistics Skills - A course offered to students who need a review or remediation of specific statistics concepts; students who are struggling in RIT introductory statistics courses despite using RIT resources; students who have withdrawn from their current or past statistics course due to inadequate preparation, weak math background or lack of appropriate study skills; students who have received F, D or C in any of their previous introductory statistics courses; students who haven’t taken statistics for a while and want to strengthen their statistics background before registering for RIT credit courses or before taking any required statistics exams for their graduate programs. This course may introduce variety of topics such as descriptive statistics, numerical measures, graphical representations of data, normal probability distribution, t-distribution, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, basic statistical inferences, simple linear regression, multiple regression, regression analysis, and basic probability. The specific topics will be based on current statistics background and impending needs of students enrolled in the course. A customized list of review topics, called a Study Plan will be created based on the results of an initial assessment test and/or series of quizzes taken by the students. Students will review topics that are identified in their personalized Study Plan to improve their statistics background, as needed.
[ACSC-074] Credit 0 (F, S, Su)

First Year Requirement

YearOne Course - The YearOne course serves as an interdisciplinary catalyst for first-year students to access campus resources, services and opportunities that promote self-knowledge, leadership development, social responsibility and life skills awareness and application. YearOne is also designed to challenge and encourage first-year students to get to know one another, build friendships and become an integral part of the campus community. 
[ACSC-010] Credit 0 (F, S) 
To learn more about YearOne, please visit the YearOne Page.

Discovery & Pathways - The Discovery and Pathways courses are no longer offered. Students in need of the credit for these classes should contact the Academic Support Center at (585)-475-6682 or