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The Academic Support Center provides services for all RIT and RIT/NTID supported Baccalaureate and Graduate degree-seeking students. Any NTID students enrolled in an associate’s degree program such as NTID’s AAS, AOS or AA program should first seek academic support from NTID’s Counseling and Academic Advising Services office.

Math Handouts

Math Handouts

A large number of Math Study Tips, Review Packets and Summary Sheets are currently available in the Bates Study Center, 08-1200. You can drop by Gosnell 1200 anytime and pick up any of the packets and/or sheets that you feel may be useful to you in your course(s).

We have created .PDF files for all of the Packets and Sheets that can be downloaded directly from this page. Just click on any of the links below.

Following is a list of the Review Packets and Summary Sheets, sorted by topic.

Math Study Skills

Basic Math and Algebra

  1. Fractions
  2. Signed Numbers
  3. Order of Operations
  4. Solving Linear Equations
  5. Graphing Linear Equations
  6. Writing Equations of Lines
  7. Factoring
  8. Quadratic Equations
  9. Roots of Quadratic Equations
  10. Complex Fractions
  11. Exponents
  12. Logarithms
  13. Parent Functions


  1. Right Angle Trigonometry
  2. Evaluating Trig Functions
  3. Trig Identities Practice
  4. Graphs of Trig Functions
  5. Solving Trig Equations
  6. Inverse Trig Functions


  1. Limits
  2. Differentiation Rules
  3. Practice with Derivatives
  4. Implicit Differentiation and Related Rates
  5. Integration Rules
  6. Practice with Integrals
  7. Areas by Integration
  8. Volumes by Integration
  9. Work by Integration
  10. Integration by Parts
  11. Integrals involving Products of Trig Functions
  12. Integration by Trig Substitution
  13. Integration by Partial Fractions
  14. Covergence Tests for Infinite Series
  15. Polar Coordinates

Differential Equations

  1. Methods for Solving First Order Differential Equations
  2. Solving Homogeneous Second Order Differential Equations
  3. Solving Non-Homogeneous Second Order Differential Equations
  4. Laplace Transforms & Non-Standard Functions
  5. Differential Equations Formulas & Table of Laplace Transforms.

Statistics/Data Analysis

  1. Important Continuous Random Variables
  2. Important Discrete Random Variables
  3. How to Construct a Confidence Interval
  4. How to Perform a Statistical Hypothesis Test
  5. Standard Normal Distribution Tables
  6. A Link to a Normal Distribution App
  7. Guide to Using MINITAB

Discrete Math

  1. Binary Numbers - Arithmetic
  2. Binary Fractions
  3. Two's Complement
  4. Octal and Hexadecimal Systems
  5. IEEE754 Format
  6. Euclidean Algorithm
  7. Disjunctive Normal Forms
  8. Karnaugh Maps
  9. Syllogisms: Determining the Validity of a Logical Argument
  10. Pascal's Formula: A Combinatorial Proof
  11. Pigeon Hole Principle


  1. Business Applications in Algebra and Calculus
  2. College Physics Formula Sheet
  3. University Physics Formula Sheet

Summary Sheets

  1. Summary of Algebras, Logs & Geometric Formulas
  2. Summary of Trig Formulas and Graphs
  3. Comprehensive Summary of Limits & Derivative Calculus
  4. Comprehensive Summary of Derivative & Integral Calculus with Applications