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The Academic Support Center provides services for all RIT and RIT/NTID supported Baccalaureate and Graduate degree-seeking students. Any NTID students enrolled in an associate’s degree program such as NTID’s AAS, AOS or AA program should first seek academic support from NTID’s Counseling and Academic Advising Services office.

Student FAQs

Student FAQs

What do you do in "Discovery/Pathways" anyway?

Discovery and Pathways are one-credit classes that meet once a week to discuss topics related to succeeding at RIT. In the fall term, the Discovery class provides students with insider knowledge about RIT, such as where to find student resources, how to navigate registration, and how to manage their time in the 10-week term. In either the winter or spring term (the student’s choice), the Pathways class focuses on working in teams, project management and presenting information. Through both of these required courses, it is also expected that students will think critically about their own goals so they can make the most of the educational and social opportunities that lie ahead.

What can I expect from coaching in either Discovery of Pathways classes?

You will meet at least once with your Discovery instructor in the fall and once with your Pathways instructor in either the winter or spring terms. You are welcome to meet more frequently if you choose to do so. We provide coaching on academic, personal and social issues. Coaching creates an opportunity for you to form a meaningful connection to an RIT professional. We believe that this individualized attention and collaboration will help you better achieve your goals and increase the likelihood of your success here at RIT.

How do I register for Discovery or Pathways?

Students are automatically registered into their fall term Discovery classes. You do not have to register yourself for the first term; however students must register themselves for the second course, Pathways, for either the winter or spring term.