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The Academic Support Center provides services for all RIT and RIT/NTID supported Baccalaureate and Graduate degree-seeking students. Any NTID students enrolled in an associate’s degree program such as NTID’s AAS, AOS or AA program should first seek academic support from NTID’s Counseling and Academic Advising Services office.

Student Testimonials

Andrew Knight
Andrew Knight

Major: Computer Science MFA
Hometown: Fallston, MD

My name's Andy and I’m the quintessential RIT geek. If P is the set of my passions, then P= {activity/activity == programming, math, music, electronics, writing, cooking && activity != homework}.

One of the ways I pursue my passions is through tutoring in the ASC. You can almost always find me hanging around the Math Lab, helping students crank through those ugly integrals. In some ways, the ASC is like a safety net: a place for RIT students to get back on their feet.

I love being a part of the safety net. Perhaps I should append that to my set P!