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How Can I Become A Tutor?

Tutoring on campus is a wonderful way for students to use personal skills to help a fellow student. Tutoring helps both the tutor and the student. When a tutor teaches content material, his or her own understanding of the content grows. At the same time, the tutor is helping a peer better understand the content and expectations of the course. In short, tutoring is a win-win situation.

Students who are interested in becoming a tutor should check with the learning or study center within their college and ask if any student tutoring positions are currently open. In addition, students may contact Burair Kothari to ask if there are any tutoring positions needed for the Bates or Sol Study Centers.

Prospective tutors may also contact the Student Employment Office (SEO) to see if any jobs are posted for student tutors. Please check the SEO website for appropriate documentation needed to apply for a job.


Campus Tutoring Centers that Frequently Hire Tutors:

Math and Physics Tutoring
Bates Study Center
Gosnell 08-1200
9am - 6pm
Sol Study Center
Sol Heumann Residence Hall 47-1016
7pm – 10pm
Accounting & Finance Max Lowenthal Hall
Building 12-3337
9am - 4pm
Computer Science Tutoring Center Golisano 3670 & 3660 8am - midnight every day


Tutor for Hire

RIT provides a Craigslist-like resource called Tutor for Hire where tutors to post ads for their individual services. Potential tutees can also post requests for help.