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Tutor Training Resources

Tutor Training

The RIT Tutor Training Program helps student tutors become more skilled with some of the basic principles of tutoring and professional development related to their role as student leaders. These workshops are open to all tutors hired by the various departments or learning centers of RIT or to students who wish to strengthen their helping skills before applying to be a tutor.

Students may have opportunities to earn tutoring certifications by attending tutor training workshops and by accruing tutoring hours and experience.


Current Tutor Training Schedule

Click Here to view the current Tutor Training Schedule.

These sessions are intended to serve as training for tutors, teaching assistants, lab assistants, supplemental instruction leaders and any other student educator. Those interested in attending should contact their supervisor to see if their department can sponsor training.


RIT Tutor Certification

Bolster your skills set and credentials while we recognize your participate in training sessions. Earn perks and gain confidence – you can even get paid! Learn more about how to sign up.


Join the Tutor Community

RIT tutors and tutors for hire may join a shared online community to find easy-to-use forms, updates, tips, opportunities for training, community service trips and much more. Just send an email to to request access.