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The Academic Support Center provides services for all RIT and RIT/NTID supported Baccalaureate and Graduate degree-seeking students. Any NTID students enrolled in an associate’s degree program such as NTID’s AAS, AOS or AA program should first seek academic support from NTID’s Counseling and Academic Advising Services office.

Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

ASC Mission

The mission of the ASC Support Center at RIT is to assist and empower students to achieve academic success.

ASC Areas of Focus

  1. The ASC will Assist Students:
  2. This is accomplished by providing quality resources and staff to meet student needs. The ASC's academic coaching; individual and group tutoring; workshops; classes; and presentations assist students to develop the necessary skills to achieve their academic goals.

  3. The ASC will Empower Students:
  4. To accomplish this goal the ASC seeks to empower students by assisting them in developing the skills and confidence necessary to succeed in an academic environment. The ASC will also seek to hire, train and retrain qualified paraprofessional students as peer tutors and advisors who will deliver individual and group tutoring; classes; and services for all students.

  5. The ASC will collaborate with our RIT Partners:
  6. The ASC will continue to strengthen our working partnership with faculty, advisors, and staff in support of students' academic success. We will provide a positive and professional environment for collaboration; expand campus awareness of the ASC and our services; and develop and share our expertise.

Academic Support Center Guiding Principles

  1. ASC is student centered: The ASC is committed to maximizing our resources to deliver services to the greatest number of students.

  2. ASC assists students to achieve their academic and personal success: We realize that if students are to enjoy academic, social, and personal success, they must believe in themselves, be actively engaged in their learning, and see the connection between what students learn today and who they want to become tomorrow.

  3. ASC supports ongoing professional and paraprofessional staff development and training: Professional and paraprofessional staff members participate in ongoing training.

  4. ASC engages in ongoing evaluation and assessment: The ASC's programs and services are evaluated in an ongoing basis using student satisfaction surveys as the primary assessment instruments. We value student opinions and we work hard to ensure student satisfaction based on our policies, procedures and available resources.