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Choosing Your Path

After you've completed your first semester at RIT, you'll be ready to start choosing your course path for spring semester! First Year Writing and other required general education electives will help you build the solid foundation that employers are looking for. You may even decide to enhance your education further by taking advantage of TigerTerms during the winter break. Make sure that you don't overload yourself though! Don't worry, your professors, advisors, and other RIT support will help keep you on the path to success through academic alerts, surveys, and feedback. What does your future hold?


  • Why take First Year Writing?

    First Year Writing is a General Education “Foundations” course that plays an essential role in your academic transition to the university. In FYW, you will learn about the social and intellectual aspects of university writing, and develop critical literacy practices required for academic success.

  • Did you know?

    80% of employers say that students come to them with a lack of writing experience. With a sequence of three Writing Intensive (WI) courses, you have the opportunity to practice reading, writing, and revising written forms commonly found in academic disciplines and professional contexts.

  • Build your skills!

    RIT’s FYW courses will help you develop the skills you need to be successful in your future careers. You will use digital and print resources to find and evaluate information that represents different cultural perspectives, and disciplines, and integrate that information into your writing.

  • ROAR with TigerTerms!

    How can I enhance my RIT experience with TigerTerms℠?

  • New beginnings…

    Our first ever TigerTerm℠ courses will be offered in January 2014.

  • Short courses, big impact!

    TigerTerms℠ are courses and study abroad experiences offered in January and summer that will help you complete your degree in a timely manner, accelerate your time to graduation, build your academic skills or simply enrich your academic experience.

  • Why live on campus?

    How do you benefit from staying in RIT housing for your next academic year?

  • Your friends are here!

    7,200 students select RIT housing each year as “the place to live”.

  • Where do you want to live?

    In mid fall semester you will participate in selecting your roommate(s) and RIT housing for the next academic year. Check out our website for benefits of living in RIT housing, virtual tours and Housing Selection information.
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  • General Education

    Do you know that 93% of employers surveyed said that "a demonstrated capacity to think critically, communicate clearly and solve complex problems is more important than a student's undergraduate major"?
    (AAC&U 2013)

  • Self-discovery

    General education courses support your major by providing a strong foundation in effective communication, critical thinking, ethical reasoning, scientific inquiry, and global awareness, just to name a few. In fact, general education courses will make up about 50% of your total credits at graduation!

  • The choice is yours!

    As you move along at RIT, you will be able to select courses that develop these skills while simultaneously allowing you to explore new interests. You'll pick a 3 course general education immersion to gain deeper learning in an area of interest-- anything from Arabic language to zoology, the sky is the limit! Go for it!

  • Student Feedback

    From time-to-time you will receive requests to answer surveys and complete course evaluations.

  • We hear you!

    “I am happy to hear that the voices of the students are being heard and changes implemented. I appreciate that RIT takes the time to listen to the needs and wants of students and concerned others.”
    - Anonymous Student

  • Improve RIT!

    Students influence change at RIT. So, take a few moments to answer our surveys and give us your input!

  • Attention RIT students

    What is an Academic Alert?

  • Improve performance!

    Approximately 2200 Academic Alerts are sent in the fall term each year.

  • Stay informed

    Academic Alerts are email messages from faculty that provide feedback and suggestions for how to improve your performance in class.