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Course Number:


Course Description:

The YearOne class serves as an interdisciplinary catalyst for first-year students to access campus resources, services and opportunities that promote self-knowledge, leadership development, social responsibility and life skills awareness and application. YearOne is also designed to challenge and encourage first-year students to get to know one another, build friendships and help them become an integral part of the campus community.


Course Structure

YearOne is a zero-credit course that will occur during the first 10 weeks of the 14 week semester. First-year students will take YearOne during their first semester.

Completion of the course is a first-year requirement.

Course Map


Course Topics

Topics covered during the course are as follows:

  1. Vital Resources: Essential resources students need to be aware of in order to navigate RIT as well as make the most of their college experience.
  2. Academic Preparedness: College level academic expectations, resources to assist students in being academically successful.
  3. Engagement: Participating in campus events to integrate into the campus community.
  4. Inclusiveness: Respecting and appreciating the complex and diverse perspectives within the RIT community
  5. Self-Discovery: Exploring and articulating individual aspirations and values
  6. Campus Involvement: Active participation in the campus community in order to become a contributing member of the community
  7. Resilience: Utilizing personal and external resources to persist in attaining goals in the face of inevitable set-backs.


Peer Advisors

The peer advisor is a paid position for upper-class students. The peer advisors will be responsible for collaborating with the instructor to plan and facilitate lessons and activities.

Target Population and Exemption

All traditional first-year students will be required to take YearOne. If the exemption is approved, a waiver code will be applied in SIS.

  1. The student has successfully completed a full-time term at another accredited institution of higher education. ( Must have a minimum of 15 credit hours. )
  2. The student is 20 years of age or older.
  3. The student has completed one year of active military duty.
  4. The student is registered in an NTID AAS, AOS or AA program.


RIT International Campuses

Students enrolled at RIT's international campuses should contact their academic advisor to review their academic requirements.