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Dumbledore’s Army Presents: The Yule Ball

Dumbledore’s Army Presents: The Yule Ball

Put on your dress robes and don’t be late to the Yule Ball!

Before we begin today’s post, if you haven’t read the Harry Potter series, we highly suggest you stop what you’re doing, head on over to Barnes & Noble, and read the whole series. It's likely that you'll get sucked in and you'll finish the series before leaving the store.

Anyway, if you have read Harry Potter (or yes, even if you just watched the movies), you’ve probably heard of the Yule Ball. Remember how stunning Hermione looked her fluttering pink gown?  Or Ron’s dashing dress robes?

Well, the Yule Ball doesn’t just exist in the Wizarding World! In fact, Dumbledore’s Army at RIT just hosted their Yule Ball in the Fireside Lounge this past weekend!

Dumbledore’s Army (DA@RIT) is a university chapter of a non-profit parent organization known as the Harry Potter Alliance, which encourages charity and social activism among fans within the Harry Potter community. Essentially, their mission is to “build a community dedicated to helping others” through their love and appreciation for the Harry Potter series.

Their Yule Ball Event is a charity event, where students can share food, sweet dance moves, and traditional butter beer! Furthermore, all ticket proceeds benefit Doctors Without Borders! This is an annual event where anyone can go! Even Mrs Norris!

If you are a die-hard Harry Potter fan, or just interested in what the club has to offer, DA@RIT meets in the Campus Center Reading Room every other Wednesday from 8-10 PM. For more information, you can also visit their Facebook page.

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