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One SpiRIT, One Community

One SpiRIT, One Community

Where will your stripes take you?

Being an RIT student on a very diverse campus, most of us are aware that RIT has several campuses worldwide. But, what do we all have in common? One SpiRIT

One SpiRIT has transformed over time, but has consistently provided an opportunity for students from all RIT campuses to interact in real time via live streaming technology. One SpiRIT launched in the fall of 2015 as a live broadcast of the Men's and Women's RIT Hockey games, complete with a live card stunt performed by the Rochester, New York campus. The second event was hosted in February 2016, and began a new tradition of friendly competition between the RIT campuses - Rochester, Dubai, Kosovo, and Croatia. 

This fall, the One SpiRIT competition continued with a gameshow created to mimic "The Weakest Link." There were two students representing each campus during the pre-recorded game show who were asked trivia questions about countries, movies, history, etc. After going through each round they asked the contestant to vote off a campus until they got to the winner-- Congrats to RIT Croatia!

We asked Lacey Cook, president of RIT’s Global Union, what her favorite thing was about One SpiRIT:

“I love seeing all the other campuses on the big screen, as well as working with passionate student leaders in terms of international relations and international students that we have helping out here at RIT for the semester. Last year I got a shoutout to one of my best friends who I helped study abroad in Croatia. He attended the event there at a local bar and we were able to see each other on screen. This year, I was able to see another one of my great friends from Croatia hosting for Dubrovnik on screen! SO COOL!”

The whole purpose of One SpiRIT is to highlight our cultural diversity and unify our RIT campuses. The event also helps to showcase a few of the many opportunities for students interested in taking their studies abroad

Welcome to our One SpiRIT, One Community. Where will your stripes take you?