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Advisor Resources

Club advisors at RIT are an essential functioning to the operation and structure of student clubs and organizations. Our clubs are engaging, full of potential, and most of all fun!  Regardless of your experience, advising is a great opportunity to work with students in a capacity outside of the classroom, and to guide them in building upon their leadership potential.

The expectations of advisors are based upon several premises.  Faculty and staff members are generally familiar with the policies and procedures of RIT, and therefore can assist students in the accomplishment of goals and objectives by helping them to work effectively within the framework of our community.  Advisors can aid in growth and leadership, help with both transition and continuity between the shifting of academic years, and contribute to the total education and leadership ability of our students.  Many ask the question of what being an advisor entails, and the answer is simply that as an advisor you have an active role, but not a controlling one.  You have the responsibility of promoting student growth and education, helping our students to enjoy their work, but also realizing the success and failure of the group should belong to the group and the advisor should provide an atmosphere for learning and educational conversations to occur. 

Therefore thank you for volunteering your time as an advisor for our student clubs; and if you ever have any questions please feel free to contact the Club Center to help you provide the best possible support and guidance for your group.  Your willingness to help our students succeed is much appreciated, and we look forward to working with you this year!