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Finance Tips

General Tips:

  • All E-Board Members should be Financially Certified.
  • The RIT Visa Cards are the preferred method of making purchases.


EAF Tips:

  • Any transaction your Club wishes to make must have a completed Expense Approval Form (EAF) - found in the Tiger Suite.
  • Both names placed on the EAF must be financially certified individuals - we will check!
  • All EAF’s must be reviewed and signed by your Club Advisor prior to turning it in.
  • Your event must be registered on RIT Events before you can make purchases for that event.
  • You must fill out a separate EAF for every vendor you wish to make purchases from.
  • EAF's can only be found in the Tiger Suite.


VISA Tips:

  • You can either make an appointment or walk in to meet with the finance staff to take out a Visa.
  • The Visa card is always due the next business day at 11:00 am so plan accordingly.
  • When you return the Visa card you must bring all original receipts with NO tax.
  • No Tax can be charged on the Visa cards.
  • No alcoholic beverages can be purchased on the Visa Cards.
  • You CANNOT pay for services on the Visa card; Services are regularly handled through a contract and are paid through a different process.
  • By Friday most Visa's are handed out, so plan ahead.


HUB Tips:

  • You must fill out an EAF and submit it to the Tiger Suite Desk to print at the Hub.
  • All Flyer, Poster and Shirt designs must be pre-approved by Alyshia Zurlick by emailing 
  • There is a 24 hour turn around between the time you turn in your EAF and you receive your HUB Request.
  • The completed HUB request will be placed in your Club Mail Folder.
  • Be sure to give enough time to the HUB staff. If it has to be rushed they charge extra.


Free Copy Tips:

  • Each Club has access to 200 free black & white copies each year through the Tiger Suite.
  • You have to fill out an EAF and specify that you would like to use your free copies.
  • You don’t have to use all 200 at once, you can spread it out across other requests.
  • There is a 24 hour turn-around period to receive your copies.
  • When the copies are completed they will be placed in your Club mail folder.
  • All designs still need to be pre-approved by Alyshia Zurlick by emailing your design to


Reimbursement Tips:

  • You will need to fill out an EAF for your reimbursement request.
  • You will need to turn in all original itemized receipts when you turn in your EAF.
  • All reimbursements are done through direct deposit.
  • We can check to see if you are set up for Direct Deposit for reimbursements because it is different than your Payroll Direct Deposit.


Petty Cash Tips:

  • You will have to fill out an EAF to request Petty Cash.
  • All reimbursments are done through direct deposit.
  • On the EAF in the detailed descriptions spot you will tell us the denominations of the change you are requesting.
  • The following are the normal denominations:
    • Quarters = $10 rolls
    • Dimes = $5 rolls
    • Nickels = $2 rolls
    • Pennies = $ .50 rolls
  • The EAF form must be turned in at least 3 days before your event.
  • You will be notified when the petty cash is ready to be picked up; upon pick up you will have to show your RIT ID.
  • When your event is over your petty cash should be returned ASAP.
  • Cash boxes are available to Clubs free of charge, and can be reserved in the Tiger Suite.
  • Boxes are on a “First Come, First Serve”.


Deposit Tips:

  • All deposits require a Deposit Slip to be filled out completely and signed by two club members.
  • We do encourage making your Deposits ASAP to protect you from being responsible for these fund.
  • All deposits must be made at the Student Organization Drop Box located on the first floor of the Campus Center next to the Student Affairs Office.


Donation Tips:

  • A donation is classified as funds received from an entity/persons outside of RIT.
  • When a donation is made we need three key points of information.
    • Contact name or Company name and Contact person at the company
    • Complete mailing address
    • Amount donated