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Guide to Performance Contracts for Clubs and Student Organizations 

Any time the services of a performer or speaker are needed at an event, an RIT performance agreement must be created and used to acquire the services of the performer. 

Common Contracts:

Common performers and/or vendors that would require a contract include (but are not limited to): 

  • DJs 
  • Musicians 
  • Comedians 
  • Speakers 
  • Visiting Instructors (dance, performance, exercise, etc.) 
  • Inflatables/Novelties (such as from Blue Apple Productions or Adventures in Climbing) 

Performers or vendors may also issue their own contract. In these instances, the RIT performance agreement must also be utilized as well. 

Approaching Performers/Vendors:

Student may approach vendors/performers/service providers, etc. to gather information and discuss costs. However, students are not permitted to sign any contract or agreement that legally binds the university. All contracts and agreements must be signed by a university official. 

Contract Request Form:

  • In order to initiate the contract process, the sponsoring organization should complete a Contract Request Form. If a contract or agreement has been issued by the performer or vendor, the contract form should be attached to the Contract Request Form and be submitted to the Welcome Center, located in the Campus Center Lobby. The Contract Request Form should be submitted at least two to three weeks in advance of the event. If tickets are being sold for the event, the Contract Request Form should be submitted at least two to three weeks in advance of the beginning of ticket sales. 
  • Once a Contract Request Form is received by the Center for Campus Life, the details of the event and agreement terms will be reviewed and an RIT performance agreement will be created. If a contract has been issued by the performer/vendor, the document will be also reviewed by the RIT Office of Legal Affairs. 
  • When the RIT performance agreement is created, it will be signed by the appropriate RIT administrator and sent to the performer/vendor for their review and signature. The performer/vendor must then return the fully signed contract/agreement back to the Center for Campus Life. Once a fully signed and executed contract is returned, the payment can then be requested and processed. 

Any questions regarding the performance contract process can be directed to the Club Center Event Registration Staff or


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