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So you were told you need to sign a waiver?

For a Specific Event

a. Waivers will be created by the Event Management staff and then posted to the event submission board.

b. If you are asked to complete a waiver please have each participant sign the waiver prior to engaging in the event.

c. Please return the signed waivers to the Welcome Desk in the Campus Center within one week following your event.

For a Specific Club

a. Some clubs are asked to sign annual waivers that cover each event for the year.

b. Annual waivers will be sent out at the beginning of the year.

c. Please return these waivers to the Welcome Desk in the Campus Center BEFORE your first event. Annual Waivers are due within the first two weeks of classes and must be submitted BEFORE your first event.


Depending on the type of event you are participating in, the waviers will be due either prior to the event or within one week after the event.

1. Waviers are due prior to the event (by 4 PM on the buisness day before the event) if there is a set list of participants prior to the event such as traveling overnight for an event (ex. conference, sports cometitions, camping trips). If the waivers are not turned in prior to this type of event your event will be canceled.

2. Waviers are due within 5 business days after an event if the exact participants are not known prior to the occurance of the event. (ex. Events on campus, lasertron, trips to the zoo/museum) If not turned in within 5 business days then your group will be placed on hold.


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