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Obtaining Utilities in Off-Campus Housing

Contact the utility companies a few weeks prior to move in to ensure you have service. Many companies require a deposit or connection fee when you first start a service if it is a new, transferred or reconnected account. Remember to disconnect your utilities when you move out.

The following sections will help you in choosing the right utility providers just for you! The material is useful for Monroe County. Students living in surrounding counties should contact county offices for sources and information.


The service provider for water is the Monroe County Water Authority. Most landlord and management companies include water in the rent cost. If this is not the case contact the MCWA to make arrangements at 585-442-7200.

TIP: Fix leaky faucets and running toilets to save on your monthly water bills!

Gas and Electricity

To have your electric and/or gas service activated contact RG&E at 1-800-743-2100 or at When you call to order, the RG&E service representative will ask for the following information: 

  • your complete name, address & telephone number
  • the kind of service you are requesting 
  • when you would like the service connected 
  • your social security number, driver’s license number, or credit card information

Telephone, Cable Service and Internet

To order these services you can contact a number of providers. The three most conventional are Frontier, Time Warner Cable and Verizon. The service representatives will ask you for the following information:Complete name, address & telephone numberThe kind of service you are requesting Previous address and telephone number Credit information that will be kept confidential

It is also important to research and ask questions about pricing. All the mentioned service providers offer bundle packages. Check these out and see which best fits your needs. You can log on to, or for more info. 

Contact Information:

Verizon Wireless
3005 Monroe Avenue


71 Mt. Hope Avenue

Rochester, NY 14620



Trash and Recycling

The goal of the City of Rochester is to reduce waste by encouraging recycling. The more you recycle the lower to cost of the trash removal service. The property manager is required to provide you with the trash receptacle; however you may be responsible for the service. If you live in an apartment complex, you should have access to both trash and recycling containers. If instructions for trash and recycling removal are not followed, it may not get picked up. For more information visit the City of Rochester website at:


TIP: Many apartment complexesin the Rochester area offer utilities included in their rent price. Be sure to seek these out and ask questions regarding utlities