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About the Center for Campus Life

Our Mission

The Center for Campus Life is a trusted and dynamic department that enhances the community through a collective commitment to supporting, encouraging, and celebrating RIT as a university of great student experience.  Difference making events, activities, and services ensure we remain at the forefront of creating and promoting rich engagement opportunities for today’s students, as well as lifelong affinity for tomorrow’s alumni.

Our Vision 

The Center for Campus Life at RIT will lead transformational community and individual student activities and services which foster engagement, pride, and spirit across the university.

Operational Objectives

The Center for Campus Life will:

1.  Provide and promote student learning, development, and engagement opportunities for the entire university through the initiation and support of programs, events, and co-curricular activities.

2.  Provide financial, technical, and facility services which reflect RIT’s commitment to innovation while supporting the diverse needs of the RIT community in creating successful projects, programs, and events.

3.  Enhance RIT’s Greek Community by providing support for the recognition and achievement of excellence in fraternal leadership, service, scholarship, and social responsibility.